Mirror Image is conscious of the impact of our business on the environment. We go to great lengths to have the least impact on the world outside while improving your view from the inside.

Cleaning Agents: 

We clean the windows with products that are biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment. Our cleaning solutions have no phosphates in them. We use cleaning agents which are as bio-friendly as possible, and as the green technology development continues, so will we.

Recycled Products:

We do not use paper products in the process of cleaning windows. We use recycled and sanitized blue surgical towels--cleaned and reused--for the finish clean of each window. We are making conscious efforts to do our part in saving natural resources.

Vehicle Usage:

We want to be thoughtful about our carbon footprint and so we are intentional in our transportation. We reduce the amount of fuel burned by using small vehicles with better mileage per gallon. Finding the best route to the worksites can save a little time and our planet.

Paperless Information:

Our goal is to be paper free. Smartphones and tablets are used to gather data for bids and estimates. Whenever possible providing an electronic version instead of paper, and so by using technology we can do our part in saving a tree and preserving our planet.