Mirror Image knows how important safety is for the businesses that we serve and the public passing through. Our attention to safety begins from the ground up, extends as far as our ropes may dangle, and continues with ongoing training that reflects industry standards. 

Ground Safety

We are trained to use our cleaning equipment in the proper way. We anticipate potential hazards to the public and ourselves and then set up appropriate safety measures. This includes how to deal with obstructions and slippery or wet surfaces. When using ropes, ladders or arial lifts we use cones and barricades to isolate work areas and protect those who are traveling below.

Ladder Safety

We want to reduce the risks associated with the use of ladders. There are regular inspections of ladders to ensure proper working condition. Workers are trained in the use of standing and extension ladders, being aware of workplace activities, traffic and hazards. This training also includes the proper way of getting on and off at upper levels, securing ladders, and working from ladders.

Arial Lift Safety

When lifts are used, workers will be trained in the use of equipment, the inspections of equipment, and identifying potential hazards while surveying the workplace. The work area will be properly barricaded so that the public will remain safe. Workers will wear full body harnesses attached by a lanyard to the platform at the manufacturer's specified point. 

High Rise Safety

We use the Rope Descent System approved by OSHA and IWCA for high rise buildings. This involves an extensive Site Specific Plan for each building that we intend to use ropes to do the work. It details the service and recovery plan, potential concerns, potential hazards, safety measures, specific training, approved equipment, safety equipment, protocol for adverse weather, and a self-recovery plans in case of emergency.